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Happy 2020 everyone and happy soon-to-be 25 year anniversary to the Wedding Peach anime! I decided that I needed to start the new year (and decade) in a positive manner so I have opened a new category in the Anime Gallery section. I hope you guys like rare book scans because I’ve started adding images from the Secret File Artbook to Weddingpea.ch!

Sharing the entire Secret File Artbook is quite a big undertaking, so I’m going to try and add batches of images when I have time until it is complete. I’m not aware of anyone having torn up and shared their book before so I hope you will enjoy the awesome images and behind-the-scenes info the Secret File offers.

  • Number of new images added: 20

Please look forward to further updates to this new section. Oh and remember to pre-order Yazawa Nao’s new English-language manga illustration guidebook, Manga Drawing Deluxe: Empower your Drawing and Storytelling Skills (which hits shelves on May 12th 2020).

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