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profile-yuriName: Tanima Yuri (谷間 ゆり)
Alter-Ego: Angel Lily (エンジェルリリィ)
Birthdate: July 7th, 1982 (13)
Blood Type: A
Height: 162cm (5’3″)
Weight: 42kg
Three Sizes: 80cm/57cm/80cm (BWH)
Favourite Subject: English, Music
Least Favourite Subject: Biology (traumatised by dissection)
Favourite Food: Pudding
Favourite Colour: Light blue
Hobby: Piano

Tanima Yuri is one of Momoko’s best friends, another student at Saint Hanazono, and the second love angel to awaken after Wedding Peach. Yuri speaks in an overly formal manner and is a stylish, feminine young woman. Despite appearances, she has quite a sharp personality and while not easy to anger, can be quite scary when upset. Yuri is the only daughter of a wealthy wedding dress designer and bridal boutique manager couple and is a quarter French through her maternal grandmother. In the Saint Hanazono Newspaper Club, Yuri excels at layout design but also dabbles in writing. Like most other girls at school, Yuri is attracted to the soccer team captain, Yanagiba Kazuya, but in Yuri’s case, this affection runs far deeper on both sides than a mere crush.

Yuri discovers she is the love Angel Lily, a reincarnation of the original Angel Lily, after an attack by Pluie and Jama-Pii. Like Momoko/Peach she is charged with the duty to protect love on Earth. Lily’s powers are not as strong as Peach’s so her role in battle is often to help subdue the devil, or to tie them down using her Lipliner. As the series progresses Yuri learns more about her past as Angel Lily and just how much the mysterious Angel Limone means to her.

Transformation Calls

  • Wedding Graceful Flower!
  • Wedding Change Oironaoshi, Angel Prescience Lily!

Anime Attacks

  • Saint Lipliner, Lily Rainbow!
  • Saint Strahl Star Dust!

DX OVA Attacks

  • Saint Spiral Whip!
  • Saint Grenade Critical, Heart Impact! (Group)

Owned Items

  • Saint Lipliner
  • Saint Strahl
  • Saint Something Blue (Earrings)