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This time of year gets pretty hectic for us all, so I’m sure you can understand I’m struggling to find the time to add everything I want to add as quickly as I’d like to add it. I’m getting there, however, as I’ve got two more CD singles in the Music Archive. Both are not-for-sale items, the Wedding Peach Premium CD features an alternate version of the DX OP, while the Wedding Peach Christmas CD contains cover songs perfect for the holiday season!

I’ve also been able to add more new images to the Games and Software page in the Anime Gallery. These are scanned from my copy of the Wedding Peach Super Famicom game box and booklet, which I’m sure you’ll love checking out.

  • Number of new images added: 18

And finally, Yazawa-sensei has moved her site to a new server so I’ve fixed all the links to MOMO-YOME around the site. If you haven’t visited her website, make sure you check it out today — it’s a wonderful resource for Wedding Peach fans. Phew, that’s it for now! Hope some of this content keeps you entertained over the holidays~!

Very quick update this time, fingers crossed I can provide a more extensive one soon. I’ve added new scans from two issues of Animage magazine to the Anime Gallery. If you’re a fan of Watanabe Mayumi’s art for the series you’ll definitely want to grab these!

  • Number of new images added: 7

I’m hoping to start adding some Ciao furoku scans to the gallery soon, along with some newly written information. Stay tuned I guess~.

I’ve finally added Angel Salvia‘s profile to the Cast section of the website. I’d hoped to add more written content this week but work has eaten up all my free time. Thankfully, I did have a couple of hours free this weekend to add Games and Software to the Anime Gallery section. First addition? Scans from the Doki Doki Oironaoshi PlayStation game booklet which I’ve yet to see archived anywhere else. (You’ll love them, there’s a bunch of character illustrations!)

  • Number of new images added: 16

Thanks for visiting, I look forward to sharing more goodies again soon. Feel free to leave a comment here or on my Tumblr if you’ve got feedback or would like to exchange links~.

The anime gallery has been getting a lot of love so I figured it was time to start populating the manga side of things. I’m still deciding exactly how I’ll split-up the subpages there, but for now, I’ve opened a section featuring images of “Manga Merchandise.” Included in this update are scans from a Wedding Peach notepad and a face washer, both of which are super cute.

  • Number of new images added: 4

Now that I know people are looking at this website I’m trying hard to update as often as time will allow. Today I’ve managed to add more images and music for you to enjoy. First up, the Music Archive now has the tracklisting and album link for the “Wedding Peach Summer Carnival” CD (a great listen if you’re after music from the DX OVA or just want to hear a seriously wacky sound drama).

Secondly, I’ve updated the Anime Gallery to include scans from the April 1995 issue of “Animage Magazine“, which I’ve also posted on my blog today. Not the most exciting magazine spread the series have ever received, but I have to start somewhere!

  • Number of new images added: 2

Another random addition to the anime gallery, I’ve scanned and loaded the contents of the Wedding Peach paper doll book from Seika Note to the category “Paper Doll Books.” I don’t think this item has been scanned before, so feel free to check out and enjoy the colourful dolls included inside.

  • Number of new images added: 12

It’s November 3rd today which means it’s Culture Day (文化の日) in Japan, and also Ohara Scarlet’s birthday. Happy birthday to the fourth love angel! I was digging around in one of my storage boxes and found a couple of Wedding Peach bootleg items I’d picked up as a teenager, so I figured I may as well add a “Bootleg” category to the Anime Gallery section. If you’ve got some weird and wonderful Wedding Peach bootlegs you’d like to share, feel free to let me know — I’m always happy to add more kooky stuff to this site.

  • Number of new images added: 2

I swear I’ll start adding written content soon when work isn’t kicking my ass so much. Enjoy!