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Wedding Peach was released in four limited box sets during 2000-2001, and later on as individual DVDs in 2006. Understandably the box sets, as limited items, go for quite a bit of money these days so I’m working on completing my collection to share with you all. I have some and will gradually add their content here as time allows.

All DVD box images here were scanned for sharing by Weddingpea.ch, please link back here if you enjoy using them.

Wedding Peach DVD Box 2 (Hinagiku)

The 2nd DVD box released for the series came out in November of 2000 and features Hinagiku/Daisy on the packaging. This box contains individual volumes 6-10, which cover TV episodes 18-34. There is also a slim booklet featuring a new Tadano Kazuko illustration of Hinagiku on the cover and episode/staff information for each episode in the box set.

Wedding Peach DVD Box 4 (Salvia)

The 4th and final box set released in 2001 features Salvia on the packaging and contains the Wedding Peach DX OVA along with the FURIL performances originally released on LD; the Winter Dream Rave, Wedding Peach Festival, and Summer Carnival ’96 concerts. The box set comes with a slim booklet featuring a new Tadano Kazuko illustration on the cover (seen as outlines on the box itself) and replicated copies of the 4 newsletters originally bundled with the DX LaserDisc releases.


Wedding Peach DX Individual DVD

Released in August 2006, this volume collects the four Wedding Peach DX OVA episodes together in one volume. The cover artwork by character designer, Ichiishi Sayuri, was originally used on the third DX LaserDisc. My awesome friend Kiel has kindly shared the below from his collection.