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Genkai OUT magazine from Biblos is considered the first anime magazine having an illustrious run between 1977-1995. Somewhat lesser known is the failed attempt to revive the discontinued Genkai OUT magazine as MEGU magazine between 1995-1996. MEGU incorporated a lot of the same elements and formatting as OUT, but it didn’t prove successful and ultimately only lasted a year.

However, the year that it ran happened to be the year Wedding Peach was running hot so several MEGU issues contain extensive Wedding Peach content~! I own these magazines and am super excited to share the amazing rare images and articles they hold. All images scanned for sharing by Weddingpea.ch, please link back here if you enjoy using them.

MEGU Magazine – September 1995

This issue of MEGU has the Gundam Wing boys on the cover and inside? A whole bunch of fun Wedding Peach material! Included in this volume of the magazine is a FURIL concert report, several sheets of anime character designs, and a two-page illustration spread contributed to by a variety of KSS artists. A fantastic issue for fans to check out, no doubt about it~.

MEGU Magazine – November 1995

This issue of MEGU boasts a Tadano Kazuko Wedding Peach cover featuring Momoko and the internal content doesn’t disappoint either! There are 6 full-colour double pages detailing the exciting twists and turns of the latter third of the series. KSS artists provide some fun art that’s otherwise not seen elsewhere. I’ve also scanned a later page in the Fighting Beauty feature that makes mention of Wedding Peach.

MEGU Magazine – April 1996

As the month/year combo would imply, this issue has a feature on the final arc of the Wedding Peach anime including some staff comments and an exclusive illustration across a lovely 4-page spread.

MEGU Magazine – December 1996

This issue of the magazine has a lovely photo feature on Momoko’s seiyuu, Hikami Kyouko. The OVA section also includes a two-page look at the first episode of Wedding Peach DX.