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The Wedding Peach anime received one art and development book, “Wedding Peach Secret File”, which was published just before the conclusion of the TV series in March of 1996. The publication featured preliminary development information & artwork, finished illustrations used for official merchandise, screen captures, setting designs, staff interviews, and more.

Long since out of print, the Secret File now retails second-hand for 3 times its original sale price and has never been published in English. With this in mind, I decided to actually de-spine a copy of the artbook to scan and share here on Weddingpea.ch for those who have been unable to experience the book themselves.

Standard disclaimer; all images scanned for sharing by Weddingpea.ch, please link back here if you enjoy using them. Keep in mind that these scans are in no way meant to replicate the experience of owning the book, so I kindly ask that you purchase the original publication if possible.

The Secret File scans are an ongoing project and I will add more to this gallery as time allows until it is complete.