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Clue has wasted no time in getting their Wedding Peach collaboration voting form online, allowing Korean fans to vote for their favourite designs from an assortment of choices. Included in the selection are a variety of necklace, bracelet, ring, and earring, designs based on all four of the main love angels motifs & weapons.

The voting form is open for a limited time, as the collaboration is scheduled for release in May of 2019. You can keep up-to-date with news on this campaign through the official Clue Instagram account (or keep visiting me~).

Apologies for the scant updates this month, I’ve been a touch unwell. Hopefully, I can make it up to you with 16 new Anime Gallery scans, all from the 4th Wedding Peach DVD Box Set! These scans include the box itself, the DVD covers, and the DVD booklet (with a new Salvia illustration drawn just for this box set release back in 2001).

  • Number of new images added: 16

I still have some additional scans to share from this set (of the replicated LD leaflets) but these will take a while to edit as they’re quite large. Please enjoy and I look forward to sharing more content with you again soon!

The jewelry company, Clue, have announced today that they will be involved in a Wedding Peach collaboration in 2019! The business, known for their cute accessories and various collabs (such as their recent Esther Bunny range) is currently seeking input from fans regarding their ideal items for purchase and their expectations.

. 2019년 기대되는 클루의 콜라보레이션!✨ . “사랑의 천사 웨딩피치가 널 용서하지 않겠다..!” . 웨딩피치 만화가 인생만화이신 분! 웨딩피치 관련 상품을 콜렉팅하시는 분! . 3.6(수)-3.7(목) 클루와 만나요! ✅웨딩피치를 사랑하는 덕후 모집 ✅설문조사 참가하신 고객님 중 좋은 의견을 주신 분들에게는 특별한 혜택을 드립니다? . @친구야,이거 딱 너 아니냐??? . ?설문조사 참여하기 ? http://naver.me/GfvSFLID

179 Likes, 16 Comments – 클루 (@clue_official) on Instagram: “. 2019년 기대되는 클루의 콜라보레이션!✨ . “사랑의 천사 웨딩피치가 널 용서하지 않겠다..!” . 웨딩피치 만화가 인생만화이신 분! 웨딩피치 관련 상품을 콜렉팅하시는 분!…”

The survey can be found here and is only available in Korean (though the brand has chosen to also use Japanese tags on their Instagram announcement). There will be benefits for participants who fill out the survey and attend the March interviews advertised (on the 6th & 7th).

What does this mean for international Wedding Peach fans? Well, if you have a good understanding of the Korean language you can leave your thoughts via the company’s survey, or simply wait to see what the input of other fans brings when the collaboration lineup is formally announced. I know I’ll be excited to see what kind of goodies they come up with~!

I finally got around to scanning from my copy of the Wedding Peach Game Boy game, Jama-Pii Panic. You can find the scans in the Games and Software section of the Anime Gallery.

  • Number of new images added: 18

I haven’t seen scans from the game booklet around before, so hopefully, they prove interesting to those who haven’t spotted them around either!

No update from me today, I’m afraid weekends are the only time I can work freely on content for this site, but in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the manga’s first chapter publication (in the March 1994 issue of Ciao Magazine) Yazawa-sensei has shared an original illustration on her social media. Feeling nostalgic? I sure am!

Enjoy the art and feel free to let me know how you think we should celebrate 25 years of Wedding Peach.

I’ve added the second original soundtrack, Music Bouquet 2, for you to access in the Music Archive section. There are lots of great instrumental tracks you might recognise from the series, along with a short drama included on the album.

If music from the series doesn’t interest you, don’t worry, I’ve also added new scans to the Anime Gallery! This time it is scans from the July 1995 issue of Animage including Wedding Peach‘s only cover for the magazine. Check out the new scans in the Animage Magazine section of the site.

  • Number of new images added: 8

Please enjoy the new additions and I’ll be back again soon with more!

Big ‘ol weekend update as promised! I’ve added the Wedding Peach Dream Collection CD in the Music Archive section. Make sure you grab it for the image tracks that can’t be found elsewhere!

I’ve also finally added a gallery of Animedia Magazine Scans to the Anime Gallery section. Included in this update are 10 new magazine scans, some of which I’ve shared on my Tumblr before and some I haven’t.

  • Number of new images added: 10

More writing and scans to come, please let me know if there’s anything, in particular, you’d love to see featured here (and enjoy the new additions~)!