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Welcome to, a growing resource focused on the 1994-1997 Japanese multimedia franchise, Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. Here you will find English language information on the series, as well as a variety of rare images and music for your enjoyment. Please look around and have a wonderful stay. We currently have 352 original, decent resolution Wedding Peach scans for your enjoyment with more to come! All 10 regular series CD singles and CD albums are available to listen to as well. More multimedia is on its way, stay tuned!
Oct 25

I’ve added dozens of links and a handful of buttons for linking back here over in the Website section of this domain. If you have a site that focuses on Wedding Peach or other magical girl/shoujo genre series, please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know. I’ve tried my best to add most sites that still exist, but I’d hate to miss one! I’m a bit out of practice with making link buttons (it’s been 5+ years since my last website) so if you want to donate nicer ones than the ones I’ve got up there, please feel free.

Oct 05

First major addition to the website, I’ve scanned and uploaded all the booklets and covers from the official Wedding Peach music CD albums. You can find this collection here. These scans include a variety of lyrics, seiyuu photos, and unique artwork that fans will no doubt enjoy.

  • Number of new images added: 78

Next up I’ll probably tackle the CD singles from the series and get all the music-related scans out of the way~.

Sep 29

Thank you for stopping by, a site which I hope will become a useful resource for fans of the Wedding Peach series. I’ll be honest, at the moment everything is skeletal. I work long hours and have limited free time, so expect slow and steady updates here over the coming months. If you’re looking for Wedding Peach content while this site is under construction, please check out the tag on my personal Tumblr. A big thank you to my dear friend Cyna for hosting this website and to you all for visiting.